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Chinese Stage Play : WHERE AM I

  Arizona Chinese Association for Theater Arts

May 12th, 2019

    Chandler Center for the Arts

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Spring in Phoenix 
American Chinese New Year Show

Feb 13th, 2021 7:00 pm

 Watch live on Youtube

        2021年2月13日,大年初二(美国亚利桑那州时间),“凤凰之春-美国华人春节联欢晚会” 牛年网络版特别节目通过Zoom在YouTube上成功直播。2021“凤凰之春” 是我们的第十届第十一场春晚。我们以“年俗文化,网络直播”为主题,与观众们度过了一个难忘的夜晚。

(​如无法打开 YouTube, 点击此链接 在腾讯视频上欣赏)


        2019 "Spring in Phoenix--- American Chinese New Year Show" will be hosted by PHOENIX US-CHINA ARTS AND EDUCATION EXCHANGE CENTER. As a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization, all the donations are tax-deductible and 501(c)3 forms are also available upon request. Your donation is highly appreciated and will be used to organize the annual "Spring in Phoenix " American Chinese New Year Show. This show is committed to provide professional performance opportunities for American Chinese youth and help the American community learn more about Chinese culture.

        “Spring in Phoenix----American Chinese New Year Show” is one of the most anticipated activities during the Chines New Year in Phoenix. Since 2011, we have organized various important political, cultural, and educational events for the community every year. Besides offering performance opportunities for our youth, the "Phoenix Spring" American Chinese New Year Show has also invited highly accomplished performers from other states and countries to volunteer their time and skills to enhance the quality of the show. The "Phoenix Spring" show has gradually become a nationally recognized cultural event.

  • The 5th “Spring in Phoenix ” in 2021----American Chinese New Year Show

  • The 4th  “Spring in Phoenix " in 2020----American Chinese New Year Show

  • The 3rd “Spring in Phoenix ” in 2019----American Chinese New Year Show

  • The 2nd "Spring in phoenix" in 2018---- American Chinese New Year Show

  • The first "Spring in Phoenix " in 2017---- American Chinese New Year Show       
    The evening was broadcast live, and more than 200,000 people watched the show.

  • 2016 US American-Chinese new year festival Gala -----Phoenix City Special Show

  • 2015 Arizona 1st Chinese New Year Benefit Performance

  • 2011-2015 Arizona American Chinese New Year Show



 社长:秋香      副社长:衍稳

   《海外剩女》     于2019年5月12日成功上演  

编剧、总导演 : 张  西

                              总策划:           秋   香

                              执行导演:        陈志钢  于华

                              舞台总监:        衍 稳

                              剧务总监:        肖   宇

                              造型总监:        黄欣明

                              艺术指导:        胡昌铭 

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